Msi aero rx 560 4Gb mining 14.6Mhz

"Msi aero rx 560 4Gb mining 14.6Mhz" no description available.
  • Ozzy Bogan Tech

    In my limited experience in testing 3 of the same cards, I can only get 12.850Mhs stable. Radeon drivers 18.2.1 in Compute mode & Bios Modded ie 5th timing strap copied all the way up. Cryptonight 360Hswith 0% Memory errors over a 48h period. 1260 clock and Memory at 1800Conclusion!!!!!!The conclusion is that the three RX 560 MSI Aeros that I benchmarked are not the best out there for mining or overclocking. So unless they are going very cheap best to go for a different version as some can do 14-15MHs on ETH and 400-550Hs on Cryptonight. This card will barely outperform a good RX 550.

  • Victor

    Can you please tell me your bios?

  • Djoka Djokic

    can you make video thats show in claymore running at least 5 hours whitout crashing, this is just started, is it stable at 14.5?

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