RX 560 4GB vs GTX 1050 Ti 4GB

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  • Zayx

    I got the RX 560 for $65 so yeah, Im happy

  • Katoteki

    They benchmark with Intel procesor all opet world games, of course Nvidia Will win ...

  • OhMyGod!zilla

    ASUS GTX 1050 Ti costs 267 dollars in India.

  • Shredder DB

    Whoever thinks 1050ti is better then Rx 560 then Check thishttp://www.game-debate.com/gpu/index.php?gid=3961&gid2=3669&compare=AMD%20Radeon%20RX%20560%204GB-vs-Nvidia%20GeForce%20GTX%201050%20Ti%204GB

  • Dj Dipdart

    I'd honestly wait for the extra $100 to get a 1060 3gb, that DESTROYS the 1050ti, I own a 1050ti oc, and I will be upgrading to a 1060 6gb soon.

  • Piyapong Taengkaew

    RX560 1024 Cores GTX 1050 Ti 768 Core ^_^

  • Mr. Anderson

    115$ 125$ is where such prices =)

  • Draven The Glorious Executioner

    In my country the 1050ti is 220 dollars lmfaooooAnd rx 560 4 g is 150 soooo i guess i know wich one im buying

  • Future Mods at 144p

    Sh*t man the 1050ti is $230 here 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Faheem Hasan

    In my country, RX 560 is much cheaper.

  • Mr. Anderson

    God ... well, this crap rx

  • donut

    Pfff just 270$ for 1050 Ti

  • devilz user00

    What a stupid music / noize.. thanks for the test results!

  • Jeffrey Bozko

    Buy a rx460 for 80 euro, flash to rx560, much better price/performance then the 1050ti.

  • danielsjohnson

    I like your taste in music.

  • James Parkes

    Gtx 1050 ti is like 350$ now. God I fucking hate miners

  • Chris_TV

    In greece 1050 ti=200€ rx560=160€

  • Dixit Jain

    Just bought gtx 1050 ti for 225 $ today ...

  • R_R Gaming

    over 700k Price range at my country

  • Aura

    I had to sell my kidney to buy a 1050 ti these prices are so high like jeez

  • YouthMachine

    I swear AMD always loses

  • tutoBANG

    rx 560 win in direct x12

  • the Prologonov play

    I am use 1050 ti, its very good

  • Gavin Culver

    I gotta comment on the prices. . . Those cards are at least 30 bucks apart not 10

  • DanDoesVlogs

    haha am I the only one watching in 2018 where a gtx 1050ti 4gb is £200 and thats cheap XD

  • Mr. Anderson

    270$ 1050 ti Ukraine 06.03.2018560 - 210 $

  • Hassan Khan

    gtx 1050ti cost around 200 bucks here.

  • Jay Sarma

    1050ti for 125usd...those were the good days..but now.....😞😞

  • Henry

    AMD have really started to fall down the ladder in my opinion, I once really rooted for them but now you can never seem to get hold of a single one of there new cards for the promised price. Also on paper the 560 should have been better but it clearly lags behind (and way to much for a newer card) understandable its also down to the developers and programmers of games and drivers but jesus not this much surely? GTX 1050 Ti still proving to be a good budget graphics card even today.

  • Nafanya Kuz'min

    Minsk, 145 Radeon Asus vs 175 GeForce Asus, 22.10.2017. Radeon is better! Why? Count of C.cores/S.processors: 1024 vs 768. Cheaper and better.

  • Blehmaster

    Y'all are over there kicking ass in a 2,000 $ gaming pc and I'm over here with a 200 dollar laptop.

  • Razoyer

    well my rx 560 performs better than that i tried playing gta 5 and i had 78fps so this is wrong ..

  • Nikolay Jovanovic

    Now GTX 1050 ti is about 200$ here in Europe and Rx 560 4gb at last 160$. Its crazy skyrocket. Rog strix 1050 ti is 230$., horrible...

  • Almog

    The 1050 ti worth every cent

  • jj gg

    Here in eu gtx 1080ti is 1200€

  • John Nada

    Just bought a new PC with an RX560 4GB, it's a great card, but since i got the extra budget i'm exchanging it for a 1050ti.Pair any of these bad boys with a Ryzen 5 1400 (or maybe even the 1500x, 1600 or 1600x if you got the extra) and you got a very powerful little budget gaming computer. Seriously, these processors are the best bang-for-your-buck buys you can make, i previously paired the RX560 with an FX6100 and in CSGO (Everything on Very High, filters on) i would get about 70fps, with the Ryzen 5 1400 i was sitting comfortably at 200, i hope to squeeze an extra 20 frames from the 1050ti.This is just my personal choice, i want to have the absolute best for my money, being on a budget and all, and for the extra cash it's definetly worth buying the 1050ti, but if you can only get the RX560, then definetly go ahead and do it, it's totally worth it, sweet little card, potent, doesn't overheat, very quiet (even at full load), compact and cheap.If you're one of those gamers with an old 2010~2015 graphics card like i was, definetly go and buy this little beast, going to consume less energy and give you a lot more power for very little money.What a time to be alive, back in the day you'd have to spend at least ~$400 to have any hope to play the most recent games at this level of quality, now you can get the whole rig for little less than double that price and play anything you want with decent quality and frames.

  • Sans

    nice video,brother;)

  • izaah rusche

    United States:Evga GTX 1050 ti- $280Radeon RX 560- $170This is what those damn bitcoin miners get you folks

  • X Music Mod

    gtx 1050ti is worth atlest 200$ usd in my country ( thats what importing and tax does to this ) T_Ttho rx 560 is 180$ ish O_O

  • CryBite

    now the GTX 1050Ti costs used 250USD in my country. (Centre of EU - near germany)

  • Mace 2GO RC

    Should I get the sapphire pulse Rx 560 model? It's only $120 US where I am at. Fps are nearly identical to the 1050 ti. Which one is more future proof?


    the witche3 3 min fps 34 )))))))))))) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3LA6I1y_fc voch

  • Sorin Nemes Ioan

    @ Barack Smith ..not everybody is a 'cheap' or 'economy class' people. I don't care about power consumption as time as I get the performance I need so my money will go where I like (not on economy cards) - nobody talks about color accuracy Nvidia problem - and these results here are doubtful generally speaking 560 should be over 1050 at least on DX12 - but this guy forgot about the good RX performance on DX12 so he tweaked results a little ..clearly an Nvidia follower no mater what ;) (yep those guys are living on this planet.. what we can do, we should protect followers, kids and animals). On the other hand some of us will use a graphic card for work (I know it sounds terrible but this is it). The computer I build now will use a Vega 64 card (not everybody is a full time gamer like maybe 80% of the folks reading this article ) - so for my need (short 3d animations [~20s], some 2d / 3d architectural rendering and video editing ) I cant choose any Nvidia card - because of color accuracy problem and the better AMD treatment of textures so why I choose Vega over 1080Ti ? - because of the floating point performance very important for 3d / architectural renderings, texture mapping units and shading units. The honest conclusion - don't bet on these graphs - buy the card you really need - want triple AAA performance, then Pixel rate of 1080Ti or X will come over Vega, want online shooters, e-sports, etc ? - probably quite any Rx 470 / 570 / 480 / 580 or Nvidia 1050 / 1060 can blow more frames / second than you really need.

  • gertjan van der meij

    I am not a fan boy , but i personally like AMD Gpu's better , because ....It all depends , for gaming the GTX 1050ti is better , but for video editing the RX 560 is better , That is why i first bought the RX 560 , and it was 119 euro while the GTX 1050ti was 169 euro ( I live in Holland ) . Just last week i updated and bought an RX 570 for 269 euro , instead of the GTX 1060 6GB which was 319 euro .Video editing is more important to me then gaming , Nvidia have very good gaming Gpu's , But all AMD Gpu's have better 'Compute' power . So are you a ............A. an Editor ? Go with AMD !B. a Gamer ? Go with Nvidia !It is that simple ! But also look at prices , in this gaming example , the GTX 1050ti is around 15% better then the RX 560 , But it is also around 40% more expensive ! So for 40% more money you get 15% more performance , Logic says .... The RX 580 is the better buy here ! An other important thing is with AMD you get ' Freesync ' and with low/mid-end graphics cards it makes all the difference !!! So if you own a freesync monitor , the RX 560 is the very best buy you can have , for a budget !

  • Diego Hernandez

    Gtx 1050ti is like 200 now, Im just gonna pass to console

  • JoshProduction

    Hey, question. After I plugged mine in, my computer only recognizes 1600mb vram but I bought the 4gb. Do you know why?

  • GCG l Gamerating Cast Gameming

    I bought it RX 560 4GB Noo!!

  • Golden

    1050ti = 250$ and RX 560 = 200$

  • TheTx365

    rx560 = 185$ and 1050Ti = 240$

  • ThunderWindz

    Here cus of overpriced GPU's RX 580 is atm 1100$ in my country... thank god bitcoins finally crashed

  • • Cross •

    El rendimiento de la placa esta piede aumenrtar los fps si tienes un procesador como el pentium i5 ????? Nececito respuesta porfavor

  • Moosh

    $250aud in australia for a 1050ti fml

  • Super Bobr

    1050 ti 4Gb - 230$Kazakhstan 11.02.2018

  • coldsore

    a rx560 is 150 please rethink crypto currency

  • TheChaoticGamer

    going for the Rx 560 cause cheaper and i have a free sync monitor

  • ShadowRanx

    why would u put the highest settings on all the games it wont be that good put it on medium

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