RX 560 4GB vs GTX 1050 Ti 4GB

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  • the Prologonov play

    I am use 1050 ti, its very good

  • CruCiFiX Offcial

    is 10$ worth the buy ?

  • Pedro Flores

    Doesn’t matter what you choose. My best advice is pick the one that is cheaper in your country.

  • Jamei McLeod

    compare crypto mining speeds as well

  • Peter Redmond

    Currently you can get an RX 560 and an ssd for under the price of a 1050 ti. Not bad...

  • tunçer şahin

    bu karşılaştırma hatalı kesinlkle yanlış

  • Craig Barrowcliffe

    The music on this video is disgusting, other than that it's answered the question for me so thanks 😊

  • Sans

    nice video,brother;)

  • CryBite

    now the GTX 1050Ti costs used 250USD in my country. (Centre of EU - near germany)

  • John Nada

    Just bought a new PC with an RX560 4GB, it's a great card, but since i got the extra budget i'm exchanging it for a 1050ti.Pair any of these bad boys with a Ryzen 5 1400 (or maybe even the 1500x, 1600 or 1600x if you got the extra) and you got a very powerful little budget gaming computer. Seriously, these processors are the best bang-for-your-buck buys you can make, i previously paired the RX560 with an FX6100 and in CSGO (Everything on Very High, filters on) i would get about 70fps, with the Ryzen 5 1400 i was sitting comfortably at 200, i hope to squeeze an extra 20 frames from the 1050ti.This is just my personal choice, i want to have the absolute best for my money, being on a budget and all, and for the extra cash it's definetly worth buying the 1050ti, but if you can only get the RX560, then definetly go ahead and do it, it's totally worth it, sweet little card, potent, doesn't overheat, very quiet (even at full load), compact and cheap.If you're one of those gamers with an old 2010~2015 graphics card like i was, definetly go and buy this little beast, going to consume less energy and give you a lot more power for very little money.What a time to be alive, back in the day you'd have to spend at least ~$400 to have any hope to play the most recent games at this level of quality, now you can get the whole rig for little less than double that price and play anything you want with decent quality and frames.

  • PotterFixer

    Jajaja, after a long time, in Ecuador actually the Gtx 1050 ti is $300. I go to cry :'v

  • Jüri Paberit

    Idc still using a gtx 1050ti

  • ScottishBawbag

    Lol in UK I got rx for £20 used and it works flawlessly

  • John Marolet Miranda

    GTX 1050 ti win the battle

  • ropoqi

    so, in my country, 1050ti is about 213$ and rx560 for 127$should i go with rx560 then?edit: it's actually the D version of 560, dammit

  • izaah rusche

    United States:Evga GTX 1050 ti- $280Radeon RX 560- $170This is what those damn bitcoin miners get you folks

  • Dragonzer

    $200 more for 10 fps? No tnx.

  • Chempion Nurgla

    Да по соотношению цена качество выиграл RX 560 который стоит 10к. Ну а gtx 1050 ti 18000к.

  • ZsomborAkos Cservid

    560 is around 150$ while 1050 ti is around 220$ here :P

  • DanDoesVlogs

    haha am I the only one watching in 2018 where a gtx 1050ti 4gb is £200 and thats cheap XD

  • HarrysGamer Xx

    112 radeon rx 560 in mi city 245% $$$$$$$$$$

  • JoshProduction

    Hey, question. After I plugged mine in, my computer only recognizes 1600mb vram but I bought the 4gb. Do you know why?

  • ayoub murar

    285 in canada for 1050ti and like 180 for 560

  • TeZa Talks

    Where is the core clocks ?Did you put the RX 560's power limit to %100 ?RX 560 is actually %7 better than 1050 ti.

  • Firstname Lastname

    fucking terrible music

  • Jay Sarma

    1050ti for 125usd...those were the good days..but now.....😞😞

  • LongLiveX

    RX 560 cuz right now 1050 ti is 190$ minimum 😱😱😱😱😡😡🤬🤯

  • donut

    Pfff just 270$ for 1050 Ti

  • Botto3巨型

    это такой пиздёж в хитмане дэус иксе томб райдере и дууме в играх которые делались под амд меньше фпс чем у ебаной нвидиа, вывод это сравнение сделал нвидиа дрочер

  • Rohan 2004

    It takes 220$ in my country...

  • David Martinez Morante

    Here GTX 1050 Ti $189 USDRX 560 $150 USDBut you can find rebates or discount coupons that left GTX 1050 Ti at $169, and I think is gonna worth it.

  • ItzPropPlop

    in our country, GTX 1050Ti $199RX560 $150

  • Hassan Khan

    gtx 1050ti cost around 200 bucks here.


    the witche3 3 min fps 34 )))))))))))) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3LA6I1y_fc voch

  • Zhang 1502

    ahora la 1050 ti vale un 30 % mas

  • m.nageh

    the winner is GTX 1050 Ti 4GB

  • Igor' Est'

    Ну понятно только у меня 1050 ti показывает fps выше чем на видео на i5 4690k

  • Future Mods at 144p

    Sh*t man the 1050ti is $230 here 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Javan Scates

    Rx 560 is 50 dollars cheaper on amazon now

  • Direktor RF

    помогите не как не определюсь что лучше (( Radeon RX 560 AERO ITX 4G nVidia GeForce GTX 1050,говорят радионовская сильно греется,так ли это? и как сильнее джифорса?

  • The Amazing Time

    И чё это блять за циферки где нормальные тесты

  • Błüęøñ123’š Fåctørÿ

    I’m gonna say fuck it and buy a 560 and be called a Amd fanboy by my friends If it doesn’t work out I’ll just save up of be more of a Amd fanboy and go for crossfire

  • LongLiveX

    For RX 560 medium- high settings is beast

  • Marlon Rauscher

    1050ti is at 250$ now

  • James Parkes

    Gtx 1050 ti is like 350$ now. God I fucking hate miners

  • Chino Maidana

    In argentina : 1050ti $325 dollars. RX 560 oc $254 dollars

  • TheTx365

    rx560 = 185$ and 1050Ti = 240$

  • Spoicy Deemer

    in my country rx 560 4gb and gtx 1050 (only 2gb) were the same price at 150$ i went with rx 560 4gb because of the higher vram, and it was a great choice considering i only have 4gb of ram and i wanted to play no mans sky which was a very vram-demanding game :)

  • • Cross •

    El rendimiento de la placa esta piede aumenrtar los fps si tienes un procesador como el pentium i5 ????? Nececito respuesta porfavor

  • Krrish Kittur

    bro i have 2 graphic cards gt 610 and gt 1030 both from zotac company. 1 is zotac gt 610 synetic enery 2gb ddr3 and 1 more is zotac gt 1030 2gb ddr5 will they give combined performence in fps every game ????? will my fps increase in every game???

  • Dark Wulf

    Now the Rx 560 in UK is 130£ and the GTX is 165£ second , hand the Radeon RX560 is 90£ and the GTS 1050ti is 135£

  • sky bro 777

    0:14 , 112 GB/SES :)

  • Lodmac

    270$ 1050 ti Ukraine 06.03.2018560 - 210 $

  • Mustafa Kubat

    1050 ti (Turkey Price) 1200TL!!!!!!!

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