RX 560 2GB vs RX 560 4GB - Comparison - Arcade Template

RX 560 2GB vs RX 560 4GB - Comparison - Arcade Template

Tested Games -

Battlefield 1
Deus Ex : Mankind Divided
Tom Clancy's : The Division
Witcher 3
Resident Evil 7
Rise of the Tomb Raider
Watch Dog 2
Far Cry Primal
Mass Effect : Andromeda

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  • 叶立

    Fake.Just look RX 460 2GB vs RX 460 4GB there wont be that much difference .560 is the same.

  • Piter De Flames

    Way too much difference.. is the 2gb rx 560 not a version without the 6 pin power connector?

  • Nexii

    Should I sacrifice a 6 pin connector for 4gb vram?

  • Reftor

    can you do gtx 560 vs 750 ti

  • Enjoy.exe

    looks like that with 2gb ram more you almost double the performances..... it is strange.....

  • Rei si Lada Pedas

    Hello, NJcould you please do RoTR benchmark in Geothermal Valley (the heaviest map in game) with RX 550/460/560 variant and G4560? I want to see if the there's fps drop or not. Thank you! :)

  • Salty4life

    This is litteraly the most inaccurate comparation video ever there's no way that 4GB of VRAM gets more than 10fps on GTA5It's litteraly the same gpu but with more VRAM

  • Ben Jamin

    GTX 1050 destoys both and at 50c

  • BeastMadness

    Hey, it's me again. I was wondering if you can do a video on the RX470 OC Edition vs any GPU with the i3-6100 as the CPU for both GPU combos and do Battlegrounds with Medium, High and I guess Ultra if there is Ultra. So medium, high and then max settings. I just got the game and I want to see if my pc can run the game with max settings. Thanks and it's been a while, nice to see that your channel is growing. Keep up the benchmark vids. It really helps people like me when shopping for pc parts and to see if it can run the games we intend to play on them.

  • Pingvins Pindzijs

    this is so wrong better watch--RX 560 - Which Card Should You Buy? - 8 Card Review - 2GB vs 4GB-- by tech deals its more accurate

  • PGZ0069 _

    RX 560 sapphire.. Asus.. Gigabyte.. MSI..????? Thx

  • R

    Yay thank you so much you do my request :D

  • musicAl cysc

    no way there cannot be that much difference 😮. , I think u made a mistake in the settings bro, there cannot be that much difference in GTA 5 I have compared 4gb with 2gb Rx 560s even in other videos max difference in GTA v I have seen is 8fps . how the hell did u get that much difference?

  • TombRaider97 Reaper

    I have rx 560 2gb with g4560 and its still awsomeee 😃😃😃

  • Budget Gaming

    ok, now that intro was awesome! Looking like a fighting game like Street Fighter.

  • Teach Game _YT

    ¡cool!like :3 do you play rainbow six siege?

  • Max Suh

    It's incredible! huge difference. Can someone else proove it? I can't find any alternative tests

  • MrSookonn

    The difference must come from the ultra low end cpu in tests, why not test with normal I5 cpu?

  • lk7496

    Yeah, it makes a difference, but at the same time it's making a difference in games the card, for the most part, is not marketed to.

  • Broman_03

    dang i found the rx560 2gb on newegg for 80$

  • BoomWithPeter

    simple for 4K esports use 4gb and for 1080p aaa games but for esports 1080p get the 2gb

  • I go BOOM

    WoW very well done!!!

  • Barbara palvin

    rx 560 2gb vs gtx 1050 pls

  • Winfield Konkel

    Wow, the 2gb more vram really helps!

  • Ross Kelly

    This doesn't seem legitimate to me. I've never seen a difference like this between 2GB of VRAM. Look at benchmarks for the RX 550 2GB vs 4GB or the GTX 1060 3GB vs 6GB. There's never more than a difference of 2-3 frames, and that difference is usually only apparent when playing at resolutions above 1080. A difference of 8-15 frames, especially at 1080, is completely implausible.

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