MSI RX560 Mining ETH speed run on claymore 14.5 Mh/s

- claymore9.8
- Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition Beta for
Blockchain Compute Driver Version 17.30.1029

CORE 1100
MEM 2050

CORE 1050
MEM 2040
= speed 14.5 Mh/s (without monitor)
  • Berka Karakulak

    its so good really? buy 10 rx 560 282.95 mh/s

  • USA Express

    What is your graphic ram running ram? Can you please mod me please?

  • Cory Fritz

    I can get the modded card to run on Windows and the driver to work on an older driver from amd with a patch but now the nicehash pre doesn't see it😩 I dont know what else to do


    what ram, Hynix or Micon ?

  • C SI

    i think using ethminer is better then claymore as it got charge for devfee. i tested using ethminer and claymore mining for 6 hour each, the earning from ethminer is more then claymore. Ethminer gv me 0.00036ETH while claymore gv me 0.00031ETH.

  • Mar Unknown

    bro can you make a video how to get this hash rate i have aero itx 560 with hynix memory and only 9-10mh/s

  • jayson ivler

    Hi Crhistian Bells , are you still using your setup RX560 itx for mining?

  • Loránd BB

    how noise is? I am planing to keep in bedroom?

  • Abu Wan

    hi, can upload stock rom for msi rx560 aero itx micron chipset, i have lost my stock rom. thanks

  • Mark Yan.

    so running 2 of these cards, at 1100/2050 Clock? no mods ?? Mark

  • Sztyfyn

    I have this card with hynix memory and i got upset cus its mining ~9mh/s, do u think your rom will improve that?

  • Mark Yan.

    I Can get them at $149 Each and buy 13 cards and each one can run 14.5Mh/s ?? any mods needed to do?

  • Kadri Manaj

    Hello my msi Dont have PCI power in, and dont start with windows Can you help me how you have conecting

  • mauro serrano

    awesome bro, im mining in dual etherum+lbry in linux and my hash rate is 9mhs eth and 13 in lbc I'm frustrated, can you help me? what am I doing wrong??


    Can u upload and share your mod rom bro. i want to test it. i have msi aero itx 4 GB OC (Micron memory ) x4 .

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