Monero/Electroneum mining RX 460/560 Hashrate

Mining: CryptoNight (Monero XMR, Electroneum ETN)

My Rig:
RX 460:
Hard Drive:
Power Supply:

GPU0 has the monitor connected to it. I had 6 cards but 2 died along with my Biostar TB250-BTC.. Cards weren't modded at the time. Staying away from those boards now. I bought these 460's 6 months ago when 470's/570's couldn't be found for a reasonable price. These were on sale at Amazon for $75 each after $10 rebate. Once you unlock all the 460's cores they basically become 560's.

Bios modded. Unlocked shaders, 1500 straps. +150 Memory.

Stock these cards do around 312 H/s. Unlocking the cores gets them to 321 H/s. 1500 straps gets them to 362 H/s. From there I adjusted the memory in Afterburner +150. Result 399 H/s. Stable.
  • christophe levaux

    i got 430 HS on rx 550, are you sure these are moded?

  • Milk Crate Mining

    My Rig:RX 460: Drive: Supply:

  • TurboKDM

    What ever happen to the setting video?

  • Vladimir Batareykin

    Русскоязычная группа телеграм

  • Pavel Jelínek

    Hey lad, just saw a video where a guy modded his RX 550 and squeezed awesoming 470H/s from it (polarisbioseditor1.6.7, Hynix memory patch + OC 250Mhz), he was using XMR stak, it showed 2 threads

  • kakaya raznica

    что за долбаёб это снял

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