AMD RX 560 4GB Graphics Card - Budget 1080p Gaming!

A look at the New RX 560 Graphics Card & the Rise of Radeon. Check links below for current pricing & availability:
Sapphire RX 560 4GB Graphics Card:
AMD RX 570 Graphics Card:
AMD RX 580 Graphics Card:

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  • geomar garcia

    Good afternoon friend I have a problemita I have a RX 560 and buy a power source of 600w Thermaltake brand does not turn on sapphire card press this all the installation of connections well installed and not and the pc does not recose and everything is new please if you can help I have a day that I have not slept looking for solutions

  • ahojahojish

    OMG! Benchmarking on LOL and CS:GO....WTF?? You dont buy a card like this for these games. Show us how the card handles some AAA games....

  • Sergio Galan

    Hi! I have AMD A10-5800K and 8gb, do you recomend me to buy this graphic card?

  • CazadorDeWulf

    Guys, don't get the non-overclock editions of these cards. The lack of PSU connectors means you have to rely on variable motherboard voltage to keep the frame rates constant and stable. Rather than that, you should get the overclockable versions, which are hardly available anymore, and set it somewhere where the thermals are within your comfort zone. You'll see probably 15% better performance.

  • Mun Yee Kong

    im buying this becuz of the rx 570 mining bitcoin thing

  • Al Gazzali Zubir

    do you use stock setting on radeon adrenalin for that benchmark ?

  • Shaon14 Arafat

    Today this one reached in my country Bangladesh. And i immediately ordered. Within 2-3 days i am getting it..

  • Mikhail Baraniuk de Queiroz

    is rx 560 open cl good for adobe after effects?

  • Eian Ault

    Good vid helped me a lot deciding

  • Loser Guide

    They say it heats up to 80 degree. I wonder how it feels like.


    Is a 6 pin connector needed for the 560 red dragon?

  • Izt Ab

    Which motherboard needed for this graphic card?!Some advice!?

  • comedyman112

    lol... this guy with permanent puppy eyes again

  • Joshua Chong

    my 780ti just died on me (Many white particles), so my question is, whether is it a step up from my 780ti reference or a step down ? i mean 780ti is much more significant in the sheets, but as a owner of it i am not impress with it. Please Get back to me as soon as possible, because i need a new gpu to play Bf1 (multiplayer),dota 2, and future proofing.FYI, for future proofing department, i am glad that the 780ti able to keep up until now with high~ultra settings around 30~60 fps avg on most of the titles i play. So i just wanna know your opinion how does the 560 stack up.

  • ciderandthorazine

    even though i've just bought the 560 for budgetary reasons, this video comes across like a paid-for ad for tech in a hugely "meh" bracket. it's a fine casual card, but not something to be that excited about, i think.

  • alguien mas

    The gaming geforce gtx 1050 2gb its better? Pls say me :c

  • Jake Mains

    You can definitely tell this "review" is very biased and definitely being paid by amd to make this

  • T M

    I have a freesync monitor should I pair my g4560 with the rx 560 or 1050?

  • Fate

    What should I get? The 2gb Variant or the 4gb variant? I only play Dota 2 :D

  • Who Are You !

    I'm going red team

  • Kevin S.

    Is it cool to use an adapter on my monitor plug? i only have vga and a male "DVI - I"; so to go from it to this card's "DVI - D", i'd need an adapter, yeah? thanks

  • joker3117nk

    step on the gas to run Chill OFF in AMD driver. the points will incredibly zoom but i prefer Chill ON even the FPS is loosing just to maintained graphics cooling in gaming.

  • Jake Mains

    These guys are so biased, using a 2gb nvidia card against a 4gb amd of course the rx 560 will be better

  • Mocanu Octavian43

    I saw other youtube channel testing and showing that the 1050 is better but mostly the same

  • Juval Canosa

    im new to pc building and i'd like to ask if the parts i will be using is compatible with each other, thank you.PARTS:msi a88xm gaming fm2amd a10 7870kcorsair vengeance 2x8gb ddr3 2133mhzradeon rx560 4gbevga 500w power supply128 ssd1tb hdd

  • Macoron7

    how big does the power supply have to be to support this card?

  • Dynamic Punk

    I'm fine with my 550 for now


    god bless you mate, you saved me $100 :D

  • HikikomoriGamer

    "The new king!!" ...I chuckled a little lol.

  • Arcade Party

    560 or 560 16cu, 2 versions of the same card? Looks like 16cu is the better.

  • Fernando Salazar

    They need to make this same cards in a TI smaller form, that would be perfect, we only need 2 hdmi ports, a vapor chamber with liquid nitrogen will be perfect, the GPU's should be made with led to dissipate the heat when overheating they can turn the led lights.

  • Erik Pikachuuu

    finally a cheap graphics card to finiah my build thank you

  • Alpha Grisby

    Is a rx560 enough for ultra 900p gaming ? (yes I'm a weirdo)

  • Rodrigo Calvo

    Hello, it goes well with asus M4A785TD-V EVO, phenom II X4 and sentey BXP 650w ?? . I currently have an ati 5770 1gb, is it a good upgrade to this board?

  • ArcadeTiger

    Please help Is Ryzen 1500x and 560 4gb good for high settings on black Ops 3 and games like that? If not Whats a cheap amd gpu that can do that?

  • Depictions

    I have a question for you guys, so im buying 2 RX 560s 4gb, would crossfiring both of these (OC) Be able to run ark? if so what settings and how well. Thanks

  • ItsLobo

    Im new to pc gaming, would the msi 560 4gb work on a hd pavilion slimline 400.? Great video btw.



  • xPokemonPlayerx

    Male Sarah Silverman.

  • PinoyAviators

    It's cheap but it's still heavy for my pocket i'm a student

  • JoshProduction

    Hey, question. After I plugged mine in, my computer only recognizes 1600mb vram but I bought the 4gb. Do you know why?

  • Vakaris Jučas

    Pentium G4620 3.7ghzRX560 4gb8gb ddr4 2133mhzCan i play all games high - medium?

  • Budget Gaming

    The RX 560 is available with CrossFire where as the GTX 1050 ti is NOT available with SLI, which in my opinion makes the RX 560 triumph over the GTX 1050 ti.

  • majim

    Rx560 vs rx460. How much improvement will i be looking at?

  • TSteffi

    Ordered my RX 560 4GB a few days ago, expected delivery next week.It will replace my old, slowly breaking GTX 660 Ti.That will be my first all-AMD system, with a 970 MoBo, a FX 8350 @ 4.9 GHz and soon the RX 560

  • Matt Sushi

    Its budget but its basically a gtx 1060

  • Marar Dragoș Eduard

    Lmao shill. Putting 4gb cards against 2gb, picking the games optimized for AMD only, etc. The rx560 is a great budget card, but this bias is still disgusting.

  • Clumsy BigBird

    i have a rx 560 4gb pulse non oc,goes well with my ryzen 1600,i can get most games at 1080p medium with some high settings aroun 40-75fps,and some even higher,just depends on what you are playing and doing,cimebench score is 104.92,and cpu score is 1262

  • Jason Manghano

    AMD A10 7860k8GB RAM Sapphire RADEON PULSE RX550 What settings do I set to play the GTA 5 @60 fps ?

  • Stygian Doll

    The only reason I'm even considering this card is because my R9 died and the backup 7550 needs to run underclocked (which the AMD software keeps resetting for some reason) to not cause stability issues and blue screens.It's a fairly good market for entry-level cards right now. Which is great for someone who isn't really playing any modern games.

  • TwilightWolf032

    Oh, great! A $100 dollars graphics card capable of much more than 60fps on games AND freesync! Of course I'm gonna be getting that card, if it's this cheap!Let's see how much it costs on my country.... Oh, almost US$300.00... I hate living in Brazil...

  • Peter Anfindsen

    how would an athlon 860 and a rx 560 run my basic games a4 7300 with integrated graphics is a little weak..peter a

  • Therealthing

    you talk too much,keep your videos short and to the can add your comments extra irrelevant info at the end of the video.

  • Synthematix

    £200 is not budget, £100 is budget

  • Happy and single

    My plan is to buy two RX 560 cards and crossfire them together.

  • Alexplays9

    and if i didn't have a slim desktop i would be using this but i had to get the gt 1030

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