BEST To Buy Top 5 NVIDIA Cards For GPU Mining Ethereum, Zcash and Monero

Today i show you the top 5 best Nvidia GTX 10 series graphics cards to buy to mine Ethereum, Monero and ZCash with!
The results are displayed at

These are the following cards used in the video:
GTX 1060 GP106-100 hashrates: 25mh/s, 300-325 zec, 550 xmr
(NOT Released YET!)

GTX 1060 hashrates: 17-23mh/s, 300-350 zec, 425 xmr

GTX 1070 hashrates: 25-30mh/s, 425-450 zec, 475 xmr

GTX 1080ti hashrates: 28-32mh/s, 660-710 zec, 485-535 xmr

GTX 1080 hashrates: 23mh/s (linux) 5mh/s (win) , 600 zec, 475 xmr

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  • Peter Jones

    Most of these numbers are just wrong. Anybody with a gtx 1070, go ahead and try mining monero, you will see a minimum of 700H/S

  • Wrayne

    What is the starting song ? :D

  • Imran shah

    How to identify while buying gtx 1060 that it is GP 106-100?

  • Oliver Pamittan

    Hi can i ask how sols/s are converted to h/s? Thanks

  • Nicolaus Vicent

    my gtx 1080 give me 20 to 21mhs

  • SEE Videos

    Hi, Can you please help in selecting GPU for mining. I have lost my mind to find Cheaper but profitable GPU. I have found This ( Colorful igame NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GPU 4GB GDDR5 128bit Graphics Card ) Please let me know is this right choice or not?

  • Guru _

    wouldn't Zotac 1080 ti amp extreme be number 1?

  • TheLohita

    How much profit we get per month by 1060 gtx ..6 gb

  • Alexis Granados

    Hi! I've got 12 MSI Gaming GeForce GTX 1050 6 GB CARDS from an old Internet café, ¿Do you think I could use them for Mining?

  • Sheit

    Thanks miners for made the gpu price growing by +50% in a year ☺

  • vRoyaL

    1060 3gb strong enough? Or should i buy 6gb version

  • Nice Trade

    all the numbers are so wrong LOL

  • Robert Nastase

    instant subscribe because of the intro music

  • James J

    watts per sol or even just wattage at max speed is an important stat. You didnt include that, or it would be clear that the gtx 1080 is better value than the 1080ti.

  • ludvel 22

    What would be the best cpu to mine? Ryzen or i series?

  • SkyhighPlays

    there are only 4 models in the 10 series xD

  • Ilmi Burhani

    invest bitcoin in cloud mining and get 100 Gh/s for free or other free cloud mining mining... ^_^

  • Bin Corleone

    Hey, great video, hash rates, nvidia etc. Whatever. What is the music name at the beginning of the video? 😭

  • Crypto Ask

    What do you guys think about the ZOTAC GTX 1070 8gb version?

  • zozostaxs13_ sidekick

    Dose the vram matter for mining

  • LuCiel AinChase

    Why 1080 is so weak at mining???

  • Old Daddy Gaming

    but ehh im mining ETHEREUM with one 1080TI cad on windows @ 75 MH/s u are WAY OFF with the numbers m8

  • Max Mining

    Thanks BuriedONE for the video, subscribed!! The new ZCash contracts from Genesis Mining are very interesting: leave a code to get a discount on any of the Genesis Mining contracts in case someone is interested in trying it. Code: jywAkrPlease feel free to use it!

  • RegieCrypto *

    I am planning to buy 10x Gtx 1080tiTo build my own mining rig..Any suggestions what are the other hardwares do I use to fit with 10x gtx 1080ti?

  • omgddd

    this is the worst top video in the history of top videos.I was expecting top 5 cards based on price/outputtop 5 card by manufacturer and modelnot this useless video.17-23 MH/s .......... that such a huge range it's not helping me at all with choosing a card.

  • Biofree movies

    hey im looking to mine zcash but im confused which gpu should i get gtx 970 or gtx 1060 ?

  • fizzy

    im using a 180ti poseidon and i mine xmr at 2.1.24 . overclockedo ofc

  • John Burk

    im getting $1.06 every 24hrs with my 970 FTW then it will cost me 1.04 every 24hrs in power my card cost me $350 so 47.92 years i can buy my card back so maybe it want burn out untill then

  • Supercaffeineaddict

    No mention of the power consumption?

  • Crap Mail

    correction, 1080 ti is 38-43.37 mh/sec with the right mods

  • ccricers

    Remember with most of these cards you can set the power limit lower such as 80% and still be very close to getting the same hashrates as 100% power, saving electric cost. I wouldn't buy the GP106-100 card though... for me mining cards aren't worth it, they have lower resale value compared to regular ones

  • Carlos Duque

    -_-" 4-way sli GTX 470 Full x16x16x16x16. (4 BCN 353,22H/s|513,81H/s) (4 DSH 323,61H/s|496,22H/s) (4 FCN 466,11H/s|701,65H/s) (4 QCN 342,32H/s|489,73H/s) Intel i7 7700K 7 cores using for Aeon DDR4 4133mz 24GB no cry boys Chip Hynix full ASIC Quality 91,03% four cards up

  • ItsKapow

    What are your thoughts on the GTX 1050 Ti?

  • 1337 h4x0r

    Idk if it's bad editing or what but having the gtx 1080's ETH hashrate at 4-5 MH/s with "23 MH/s linux" in parenthesis is just incorrect because that implies that you can only get that hashrate in linux. You can achieve the same hashrate in Windows with a simple cmd using command prompt or just turn on optimize for compute perf via nvcpl. Sad to see people who have no idea wtf they're talking about getting free cards via sponsoring... -.-Not even mentioning the fact that the GTX 1060 is the most profitable $$/hashrate AND has the fastest ROI. This IS currently true and has been true since ~ Feb. 2017 (+/- few weeks when some amd cards were available for reasonable prices)

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